• Nieuwe expoistie vanaf 9 maart

Nieuwe expoistie vanaf 9 maart

Vanaf 9 maart hebben we weer een nieuwe expositie. Dit maal toont de kunstenares Abby Jo haar werk in Kopi Susu. 

geïnspireerd door de queer culture laat 'If I Were a Queen'  feestelijke levenstijl van beroemde drag queens zien. Hiermee doet de kusnatneres een ode aan de queer cultuur.

"If I Were a Queen is an ode to queer culture that focuses on 'la joie de vivre' and resonates with the spirit of Pride, raising awarness for the values of contemporary queer culture".

Dus kom vooral  9 maart langs om te genieten van Abby Jo's kunst onder het genot van muziek en een drankje.

Abby Jo is a Russian, Amsterdam-based visual artist who explores notions of eccentricity and extravagance blended with naïve playfulness. In her work, Abby Jo symbolizes key elements of the human condition, and her paintings contain their own, otherworldly visual boundaries and logic.

Abby Jo’s passion for art developed in her early childhood, when she was deeply influenced by the cultural heritage of St-Petersburg. Abby Jo’s works fuse features of Baroque excessiveness, apparent precision and almost obsessive attention to detail that show artist’s predilection for patterns and decorative ornaments.
Important factor in Abby Jo’s artistic practice is the influence stemming from elements of popular culture. Abby Jo’s fascination with camp aesthetics is apparent in the stylistic representation of her works: bright rich colours, excessive use of gold relief and almost ‘cartoon-like’ painting technique.

Voor meer informatie kijk op www.abbyjoart.com